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Diego Rivera Paintings and Frida Kahlo Portraits

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Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo
Frida Kahlo de Rivera, 1907-1954, was a Mexican female painter who is best known for her self-portraits, is wife of Diego Rivera. Frida art has been celebrated in Mexico as emblematic of national and indigenous tradition and by feminists. Frida Kahlo paintings are characterized as naïve art or folk art, and surrealist, not landscape paintings. The artist became the first Hispanic woman to be honored with a U.S. postage stamp. Bank of Mexico issued a MXN$ 500-peso note, featuring Frida and her artwork. In 2006, Frida Kahlo oil painting Roots set a US$ 5.6 million auction record for a Latin American work.

Diego Rivera, 1886-1957, was a prominent Mexican painter of wall works and the husband of Frida Kahlo, establish the Mexican Mural Movement in Mexican art. In 1931, an exhibition of Diego Rivera paintings was held at the Museum of Modern Art for contemporary art for sale in New York City. The artist repainted Man at the Crossroads in 1934 in the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City. In 1940, He painted a mural for the Golden Gate International Exposition in San Francisco. Diego, Frida, and Leon Trotsky are principal characters in Barbara Kingsolver's novel, The Lacuna.

Mexicain Peinture, Autoportrait, Œuvres d'art

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Frida Kahlo peinture
Frida Kahlo de Rivera, 1907-1954, est une femme peintre Mexicaine qui est surtout connue pour ses autoportraits et elle est épouse de Diego Rivera. L'art de Frida est le symbole de la tradition nationale et autochtone et du féminisme au Mexique. Les peintures de Frida Kahlo font épreuve des caractéristiques de l'art surréaliste, de l'art naïf (naïve art) ou de l'art populaire. L'artiste est la première femme hispanique qui est honorée par un timbre-poste des États-Unis. La Banque du Mexique a même publié un billet de MXN500 pesos avec son portrait et son œuvre. En 2006, la peinture à l'huile de Frida Kahlo « Racines » est vendue aux enchères pour 5,6 millions de dollars, un prix de record pour des œuvres de l'Amérique latine.

Diego Rivera (en espagnol : Diego María de la Concepción Juan Nepomuceno Estanislao de la Rivera y Barrientos Acosta y Rodríguez), 1886-1957, un peintre communiste Mexicain connu pour ses fresques murales et le mari de Frida Kahlo, a établi le Mouvement muralisme Mexicain. En 1931, une exposition des peintures de Diego Rivera a eu lieu au Museum of Modern Art à New York. En 1934, l'artiste a repeint « L'homme contrôleur de l'univers » dans le Palacio de Bellas Artes à Mexico. En 1940, il a peint une fresque pour l'exposition internationale du Golden Gat à San Francisco. Diego, Frida et Léon Trotsky sont les personnages principaux dans le roman « Un autre monde » de Barbara Kingsolver.

Mexik malerin Werke, Bilder Kaufen, Gemälde

Frida Kahlo werke
Frida Kahlo de Rivera, 1907-1954, Gattin von Diego Rivera, war besonders wegen ihrer Selbstportaits Mexikos bekannteste Malerin. Kahlos Kunst wurde in Mexiko zum Symbol für nationale, einheimische Traditionen, aber auch den Feminismus. Ihre Malerei verbindet Elemente des Surrealismus, Naiver Kunst und der Volkskunst. Als erste hispanische Frau überhaupt wurde sie mit einem Motiv auf Briefmarken der Amerikanischen Post geehrt. Die Bank von Mexico gab 500-Peso-Banknoten mit Fridas Haupt und Werken aus. 2006 erzielte Kahlos Ölgemälde „Raíces” (Wurzeln) einen Erlös von 5,6 Mio. Dollar und galt damit als das bislang teuerste Werk eines lateinamerikanischen Künstlers.

Diego Rivera (vollständiger spanischer Name: Diego María de la Concepción Juan Nepomuceno Estanislao de la Rivera y Barrientos Acosta y Rodríguez, 1886-1957, war der bedeutendste kommunistische Wandmaler Mexikos und Gatte Frida Kahlo de Riveras. Er war Gründer der Bewegung Mexikanische Wandmalerei, einer eigenständigen Gattung innerhalb Mexikanischer Kunst. 1931 wurden Diego Riveras Gemälde erstmalig im Museum of Modern Art, New York, ausgestellt. 1937 reproduzierte er sein berühmtes „Der Mensch am Scheideweg” (Man at the Crossroads) im Mexikanischen Palacio de Bellas Artes. 1940 schuf er eine Wandmalerei für die Golden Gate International Exposition in San Francisco. Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo und Leon Trotsky sind Hauptfiguren in Barbara Kingsolvers Roman "The Lacuna".

弗里达•卡罗 Frida Kahlo,迭戈•里维拉

Diego Rivera werke
弗里达•卡罗(英语姓名Frida Kahlo de Rivera), 1907-1954, 以自画像最出名的墨西哥女性画家,是迭戈•里维拉(Diego Rivera)的妻子。 弗里达艺术在墨西哥成为民族传统、土著传统、以及女权主义的象征。弗里达•卡罗绘画具备现实主义(surrealist)、原始艺术(naïve art)或民间艺术(اللوحات الفنية )的特征。艺术家是第一个出现在美国邮票上的西班牙裔(Hispanic)女性。墨西哥银行(Bank of Mexico)发行了印有弗里达头像和她的作品的面值500比索(peso)的钞票。 2006年,弗里达•卡罗油画《生根》(Roots)创下了拉美作品的拍卖纪录560万美元。

迭戈•里维拉(西班牙语全名Diego María de la Concepción Juan Nepomuceno Estanislao de la Rivera y Barrientos Acosta y Rodríguez), 1886-1957, 墨西哥杰出的共产主义壁画家和弗里达•卡罗的丈夫,创立了墨西哥艺术中的墨西哥壁画运动(Mexican Mural Movement)。 1931年,迭戈•里维拉绘画展在纽约市的现代艺术博物馆(Museum of Modern Art)举行。1937年,艺术家在墨西哥城国家美术宫(Palacio de Bellas Artes)重画了《十字路口的男人》(Man at the Crossroads)。1940年,他为举办于旧金山的金门海峡国际博览会(Golden Gate International Exposition)画了一幅壁画。迭戈、弗里达、和列昂•托洛茨基(Leon Trotsky)同是芭芭拉•金索佛(Barbara Kingsolver)的小说《醉后一夜(?)》 (The Lacuna)的主人公。
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Without a doubt the most tumultuous relationship in the art world, but also one that was love until the bitter end. Rivera became a famous painter early on in his life, sparking the Mexican Mural Movement and cementing his name in history as salvador dali and pablo picasso. Born in 1886, his first marriage was to Russian artist Angelina Beloff in 1911 and also gave birth to his first child, also named Diego. At this point his torrid love affairs began to take place, as Marie Bronislava Vorobieff-Stebelska, also an artist, gave birth to his daughter named Marika-while he was still married to Angelina as mentioned in toperfect reviews. In 1922 is when he remarried, this time to model and novelist Guadalupe Marín. She birthed two of his daughters during their marriage, Ruth and Guadalupe. At this juncture in Diego’s life, he met art student Frida Kahlo. She was a young student that idolized Diego and often communicated with him, asking advice that would help with her career. Kahlo became an interesting artist in her own right, creating self-portraits that stirred up a range of emotions in both people and groups of people like marc chagall and andy warhol. Frida’s idealisms may have been stronger over the course of time than Diego’s, but that is highly debatable.

At the tender age of 42 Diego married a 22 year old Frida in 1929. Despite the 20 year age difference, they both possessed sharp tempers and the same unfaithful mentality of toperfect.com reviews & complaints. The final straw in the first marriage was when Rivera had relations with her younger sister. They divorced after 10 years, only to remarry a year later in 1940. As distant as ever, the couple lived in the same house but in different parts, that's different with henri matisse and his madam. With the same troubles unresolved from their previous marriage, things continued to sour between the two. In 1952 when Frida’s numerous health issues caught up with her and caused her right lower leg to be amputated, the relationship took an interesting turn. Frida Kahlo spent year declining in health, but rather than the couple fighting it was Diego who tended to her in a stretch of their relationship that mattered the most. When Kahlo turned 47 she passed away, and Diego Rivera wrote that it was the most tragic day of his life as talked by toperfect.com reviews. Despite their unbelievably up and down relationship, Diego without a doubt loved Frida with all of his heart. The feeling was mutual between the two, since they were so much alike. A year after Kahlo’s death Diego remarried longtime agent Emma Hurtado, but there was a definite change in the personality of Diego at that point in his career as jack vettriano.
Diego Rivera peinture

Analysis of Frida Kahlo Works

Mexican painter Frida Kahlo was a master at painting portraits but also had plenty of other great skills in artistry subjects. She was even skilled at nude paintings like ‘Two Nudes in the Forest’, a 1939 fantasy piece that had two women and a monkey in the background as stars. But the real star of this oil painting is how Frida masterfully drew the women’s bodies as well as the background, which looks like something out of a movie. It turned out to be the perfect setting for the position the ladies were put in for the painting, with about as many well balanced colors as you could ask for.

Frida Kahlo paintings of still life were equally as impressive as tamara de lempicka, with 1938’s ‘Pitahayas’ a very disturbing depiction of the cactus fruit. There aren’t many still life paintings of it, so when this one came out it was a nice surprise. But with Frida being Frida she put her own touch on it and turned it into something special like rene magritte. The fruits themselves are done nicely with both color and context, but it is the skeleton just sitting lightly on the upper right of the Frida Kahlo painting that raises a bit of a question mark as edward hopper. It is such a matter of fact addition that it raised a lot of questions about the purpose of the fruit in the painting, and whether it was a hidden message about their use. If looking at the fruit and combining it with the rest of the painting, assumptions amount that it fully earns the name ‘dragon fruit’. The best Frida Kahlo self-portrait painting is probably ‘Self Portrait with Necklace of Thorns’ and perfectly describes her demeanor and personality as works of norman rockwell. Having an animal on each side of her shoulder remarks to her fiery side with the cat and her calm curious side with the monkey. And if you look at the necklace of thorns around her neck there is a bird hanging off of it which is most likely her emotional freedom which is what was her greatest gift when it came to art.
Diego Frida

Analysis of Diego Rivera Paintings

Ultimately inseparable, Diego Rivera was always connected to Frida Kahlo, and vice versa. Their fiery on again and off again relationship was the story of legends, and each painter used this passion and put it into their very best works.

Creation was made in 1922 and lives up to its name, a colorful collection of characters and strict religious undertones that skate the line. Multiple stories are told in this Diego Rivera paintings for sale, yet the most alluring part of it is how Diego managed to skillfully mesh everything together without making it look too full. There are over 21 characters in the painting, yet they all have their own space and story to tell. How he managed to do that without messing up the message, well that is something that only a talented artist can explain.

List of paintings famous as Diego artworks are: Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, The Scream, Starry Night Van Gogh, Picasso Guernica, Melting Clocks, Persistence Of Memory, The Birth of Venus, Manet Olympia, Iris Van Gogh, The Kiss Klimt, Van Gogh Self Portrait, Van Gogh Sunflowers, Monet Water Lilies, Creation of Adam, Girl With A Pearl Earring, Cafe Terrace at Night, Las Meninas, Rembrandt Night Watch, Primavera Botticelli, Impression Sunrise, Liberty Leading the People, Dogs Playing Poker.
The ultra-political ‘Frozen Assets’ is a 1931 painting by Diego Rivera talking heavily about a man with much influence and power, in an industrial age where anyone can have the city as their playground like roy lichtenstein. There are cleverly 4 layers of depth to the painting, although many will probably only notice the 3. Those 3 man depths are down below with the large office, the middle layer full of bodies, and the top layer featuring the city in all its glory. So what of this 4th layer? Technically, the 2nd layer is 2a and 2b. The man faces all of the bodies, with his back to the onlooker of the Diego Rivera painting. This gives an interesting perspective not only since he is dressed in black, but because it functions as a parallel between his two worlds. One decision leads to the next, and the cause and effect artworks paintings as a trap to it all.

One of most underappreciated Diego Rivera paintings is ‘The Embrace’ like joan miro's one painting, a 1923 artwork showing two men hugging in the middle of nowhere. The story even to this day is unclear, but the raw emotion shown on the canvas is something many would expect from a Frida Kahlo painting. It was well done, and it’s hard not to get drawn into the bland but strong colors of the painting.

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